Dear friends of Mid Main,

As you probably have seen, there is new construction in the neighborhood. Thankfully WE are the ones doing it. We are the same people who brought you The Continental Club, Sig’s Lagoon, Tacos A Go-Go, Natachee’s and all of your other favorite local and independently owned establishments in Mid Main. We deeply share your sentiment that these places and the people that make them happen every day are the reason why we have all grown to love this area. Since 1999 we have been in the Mid Main area preserving and renovating the historic buildings located in the 3600 and 3700 blocks Main Street. Preservation has always been our priority and this will continue going forward.  Congruent with the new project, we are restoring the buildings on the east side of Main Street, one of which was the original home of the Alley Theater. Our new pedestrian friendly and transit-oriented project was carefully designed around the 3622 Main building, the home of Double Trouble, My Flaming Heart and more. 

Our heartfelt commitment to this neighborhood, in which we live and work, has led us to nurture and grow Mid Main with a vision of connecting the past with the future. We are extremely proud that Mid Main is often referred to as “The Best Blocks in Houston” and the near future will bring more locally owned and operated retail and restaurants along Main Street, Winbern and Holman.  These new additions will be consistent with the establishments like Big Kat’s / Kat’s Meow and The Tinderbox that we have already brought to the area. The studio apartments in the project are designed for affordability to keep with our philosophy of filling the neighborhood with arts, music and creative minded people. The Construction can be challenging for local businesses. We know this firsthand from the construction of the Main Street light rail line, but now we all enjoy the benefits of this great improvement.  Thank you for continuing to support your favorite Mid Main shops and restaurants during this transition to a better neighborhood. The parking garage is now open!